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Welcome to True Oils

True Oils is a brand of premium 100% pure cold-pressed oils launched by Harsim Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Therapeutic oils of sweet & bitter almonds, flax seed, sesame seeds and neem have several benefits documented by Aryuveda and medical research.

Sweet Almond Oil

For Smooth, Flawless Skin.

Flax Seed Oil

Reduce Menopause Symptoms.

Sesame Seed Oil

Sesame Seed Oil for Oral Health.

Delivering QUALITY
Healthcare Product & Services

To Reduce Fine Lines & Other Signs Of Aging

Briefly about us

The promoters of Harsim Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd. - Dr. Simmi Gupta and Mr. Raman Gupta with over 25 years of experience in business are having the mission to provide pure oils to the public.

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User Reviews

  • The quality of the products definitely does justice to the name of the company ‘True Oils’. I am a regular user of coconut, almond and mustard oils and would not like to use the same products of any other brand.

    Ms. Daya Goyal, Chandigarh
  • “Your product is of prime quality & health improving. Would like to order True Badam Oil cold pressed in a larger bottle. Keep up your excellent service.”

    Mr. Arshad, Chennai
  • I have been using mustard oil from True Oils in cooking for past six months and absolutely love it for its purity, flavour and taste. Not to forget the health benefits, I fully recommend True Oils to all my family and friends.

    Prashant Sharma, Chandigarh
  • Every product is great. Right from the packaging, bottling, to the quality and smell.

    Ms. Hema Bachani, Mumbai
  • I am a food blogger and my site is I was given a gift of a set of True Oils for Diwali and after that I have started buying them myself. I use sesame oil for greasing my rotis and to drizzle over my soups. Mustard oil has an excellent flavor and I use it for my regular tossed vegetables and for making pakoras. I even use True Oils Almond Oil in place of cold cream. Thanks for offering True Oils to us.

    Ms. Anjali Singh, Chandigarh
  • Excellent Oils. I give 150/100.

    Ms. Balbir Sandhu, Kharar
  • We are happy to say you have earned your company name right “True Oils”, Your products are 100% pure.

    Mr. Huzefa Ezzi,Thane
  • Now I understand why you named your company True Oils – they indeed are. I tried your flax seed oil and I am hooked. Excellent results. I will never use anything else.

    Mr. Abeed, Bhuj
  • Extremely happy to see your True Oils brand. In today’s world, it is next to impossible to get pure oils but you have done it.

    Dr. Krishna Jain, New Delhi
  • The oils are very effective.

    Ms. Amisha Kotecha, Ahmedabad
  • Effect of almond oil on skin is so good that I have stopped using cold-cream/moisture in winters. It has also made my complexion fairer.

    Mrs. Neelam Gupta, Chandigarh
  • The oils are amazingly good.

    Ms. Anju Behl, Chandigarh
  • The oils are the purest that I have ever used.

    Ms. Kamlesh, Baddi, H.P.
  • Tried the almond oils, its aroma smelt very pure. The oils are very effective.

    Ms. Kulwinder, Kharar, Punjab
  • The almond and sesame oils are not sticky and readily absorbed by skin.

    Ms. Asha, Nayagaon
  • Used oils for massage and got good results.

    Ms. Neelam & Mr. Rajesh, Mohali
  • Never came across such pure oils.

    Ms. Sudesh, Chandigarh
  • Truebix almond cookies are having a unique taste. Their high nutritional value and less sugar content is good for health. Our guests liked it so much that they carried the cookies to London.

    Dr. Rajeev, Chandigarh
  • As Truebix does not contain maida and rich in dietary fiber, my dietician recommended me to have it.

    Ms. Priyanka, New Delhi
  • We are using almond oil regularly for head massage, our hair have become smooth & shiny and dandruff free.

    Ms. Vandana Goyal, Ahmendabad
  • All oils are very good and pure & healthy. I highly recommend.

    Ms. Swastika Dey, Ahmedabad
  • My parents very much liked the taste of flaxseed biscuits.

    Mr. Prashar, Chandigarh
  • I served your biscuits to my friends and they liked the new taste specially of seasame biscuits.

    Mrs. Meenakshi, Faridabad
  • I am a great fan of your almond biscuits.

    Ms. Parul Sharma, Chandigarh
  • Kids liked the biscuits.

    Mr. Y Srinivas, Bengaluru
  • I served your flax seed and almond biscuits to our guests and they want to order for the same.

    Mr. Pushpinder Bansal, Panchkula
  • Never had biscuits like the ones given by you, especially the flax seed and sesame biscuits.

    Mrs. C.S. Bewli, Chandigarh
  • My hair became shinier with a better texture after using your almond oil.

    Ms. Rupali Gupta, Chandigarh
  • Amazing, never came across such pure oils

    Mrs. Reena, Chandigarh